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About Salinas, Ecuador

Salinas is a coastal city in South America. The time zone is GMT-5.

The weather in Salinas has great temperatures all year round. The major season is warmer with temperatures between 40s-60s °C, while the quieter season (Mid-May to early December) has lower temperatures (between 20s-30s °C). Salinas is located in the Province of Santa Elena, Ecuador in South America.

The scenic bay is full of jet skiers, water skiers, parasailing and a plethora of various sized yachts anchored in the bay adjacent to the yacht club. The beach is very popular during high season and most weekends along with warm waters all year round due to its peninsular position receiving great weather with blue cloudless skies and long hot sunny periods for most of the year.

Salinas Chipipe beach
Salinas, Ecuador

A second major beach in Salinas and a 10-minute walk from our Penthouse is Chipipe adjacent to the yacht club with exciting waves early in the morning for body boarding or Mori Boogie boarding in a pleasant environment. Chipipe is located in a residential area compared to the main Salinas' beach, which is the commercial side of the city.

Open markets are available in both areas during the evening selling handicrafts, coral jewelry, multi colored dyed clothing art and shell crafts including amethyst and other semi precious stones.

Chocolatera craft shops in Salinas
Chocolatera, Salinas

You can also take a 4-seat passenger bike tour for an hour around the areas amidst the fresh evening breezes.

Salinas, is about 25 minutes by car from the fine Thermal Baths San Vicente where due to dynamic volcanic boasts rich mineral mud baths and thermal baths along with massaging and sauna facilities.

There are several YouTube videos about Salinas. One of the latest ones is as follows:

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